5 December 1998: Sunspots

It was unbearably hot here in New York the other day. It's pretty weird, to be sweating away while signing holiday cards at work. We were discussing this at Out of the Closet. One of the other volunteers, W, explained to why it's not global warming.

Apparently, the Sun spins on its own axis. It is a 22-year cycle. It spins clockwise for 11 years, and then counterclockwise for another 11. Right now, we are in a period where the Sun has stopped and is heading the other way. Apparently this is a time of sunspots and it screws up the weather. Hence, El Nino, La Nina, Democratic victories, Newt Gingrich resigning, etc.

Meanwhile, whenever E answers the phone, he says, "Out of the Closet." It's a fairly activist name, when you think about it. Sort of like if I started answering the phone, "biggest queen ever," or something like that.

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