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Welcome to the home of the famed Brothers Gib. Having laid waste to our enemies on the proving grounds of Doom, like horsemen of the apocalypse now come storming across the horizon onto the battlefields of Quake ready to lay waste to all that stand in our way... wanna try and stop us?

What's New Updated: Thursday, 24-Apr-1997 15:09:26 EDT:

The QuakeWorld launch inspires a new addition to the list!

Killing in NYC
Well the Bro's are back from NYC (actually we kinda live here, but anyway...). We had a blast, but we're also a little ticked, so there's a new addition to the list.

The List
Simply a list of those who've done something to piss us off, and therefore deserve an ass kicking:

Clans on the Brothers Gib "To be spanked" list:

Dark Requiem

These guys got to do battle with the other clans at the QuakeWorld launch, at our expense. For some reason Bear kept scheduling them above us, even though they were not even one of the four clans originally invited. (If any id emplyees want to join our clan, feel free to contact me.)

Dark Requiem, welcome to the list. Please take a number, your maker will be with you shortly...

the Executioner's Clan

Check out this close-up of the skull on their logo. Now look at the close-up of the old logo from my site, blue's Quake Rag. Take note of the similarities to the logo on my page.


The funniest part is the little nick in the upper right hand corner of their skull where the background interfered with their cropping--heh.

Then take note of the following warning at the bottom of their page (are these guys assholes or what?):


Is this a joke? Boom! Executioner's Clan... you are on the list!

Clan Apocalypse

Thought they wanted a war of words, till we wrote back. We have a match to schedule with them soon. These guys are a little cocky cause they're "LPB's," or "Low Ping Bastards" (see Lag City for more on this) with a T1, but we'll show 'em (especially with the QuakeWorld stuff coming-to ease the lag). Boy would we love to track these guys down from New York... on our PPros... on the T1... hehehehehe.

Clan Wildfire

I kinda forget already. Abraxas will remind me. I think it was general smack-talking.


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Fear us or mock us, but we will not be ignored.
Our enemies face death, destruction, and delivery of pizzas they didn't order...

Enrollment information: We understand that there are many who would rather join us than try and beat us. Unfortunately the laws of nature make it difficult to become someone's brother after birth. It is possible we will be adopting brothers into the brood in the future, we'll just have to see...

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