The Right Bastards

Back in the dim mists of the early 21st century, I was part of a band called The Right Bastards. I played keyboard, sometimes bass, and very occasionally trumpet or guitar. I sang a lot of backup, and a bit of lead. I even wrote a couple songs for the band, although they didn't make it onto the album.

The sound was basically "intellipop," bouncy tunes with lots of three-part harmony, themes two parts New Yawkish, five parts sardonic introspection, and three parts devil-may-care whimsy. People used to compare us with Barenaked Ladies or Fountains of Wayne, and we sometimes wrung out Camper Van Beethoven or dB's covers.

We cut one album, called Nobody Likes You. It's available on CDBaby, for a $10 download or $14 disc.

If you buy it, I hope you enjoy it!

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