Another night, another light,
Another lover for a while.
I take a drag that burns my tongue,
But I can't help but smile.

'Cause I just heard the news,
And I feel sorry, I really do.
But it all sounds so familiar,
I realize it was always you;

Yeah, I think I found an answer
To "was it me, or was it you, just being you."

Just being you,
Just being lovely,
You were the one I could never refuse,
Oh, you were so hard to take,
And so hard to lose.

Another tap on the pack,
I light another, and try to relax.
I can't help but remember
The look on your face when you turned your back.

Two long years have come and gone,
I blamed myself for being blue,
Can you imagine my surprise, now,
When I found out it was always you?

Can you imagine, can you picture my surprise,
When I found out it was only you, just being you.

Just being you,
Just being lovely,
Oh, you broke all those hearts so well,
I feel bad for being happy,
But what the hell.

-scb 5/96