Selected Lyrics from Pale Sun Crescent Moon by Cowboy Junkies

"Crescent Moon"

Reach a hand to the crescent moon
grab hold of the hollow.
If she sits in the palm of the left
that moon will be fuller tomorow.
If she sits in the palm of the right
that moon is on the wane
and the love of the one who shares your bed
will be doing just the same.

	Won't you come with me, she said,
	there's plenty of room in my iron bed.
	You're looking cold and tired and more than a little human.
	I know I'm not part of the life you had planned,
	but I think once your body feels my hand
	your mind will change and your heart will lose its pain.

Out among the fields gently hipped beneath the corn,
Assiniboine bones beneath the highway
he stood there and he thought of home.
A finger traces the path of a satellite.
You're drawn to a distant copse of trees.
A voice as sweet as Mare's Tail
clings to the prairie breeze.


		Do I reach for you when I know you're on the wane?
		Do I sense you when I know you're not around?
		Do I search for you when I know you can't be found?
		Do I dare to speak your name?

Raise your eyes to a moonless sky
and try to wish upon a rising star.
Search all you want for her blessing
but you won't find her sparkling there.
Now cast your eyes to a part of the sky
where nothing but darkness unfolds
and watch as all around you
she reveals the brilliance of secrets untold.



"Ring on the Sill"

She placed her ring on the sill, dishes piled high.
She's on the front porch step
and the air smells like snow.
She's thinking of the siege to come and how she'll miss
those weekends in the park with the sun on her face
and her book by her side and that
lingering taste that he left on her tongue.

	He lifts his glass from the table.
	It leaves a ring where it stood.
	He sees the light from the window
	caress her like he knows he should.
	He's remembering the first time he kissed her and how
	he'd wake and immediately he'd miss her, like a spell,
	with each breath, he'd taste her breath
	like a haunting, irritating as hell.

		Do you remember when you'd pray to never see
		the day when someone would make you feel this way.
		'Cause you knew they would cut right through you
		and once inside, you were afraid they'd find
		nothing to hold on to.

He puts her ring on her finger, she brushes back his hair.
He takes a sip from his glass, she inhales the cold fall air.
And they're thinking of the long road ahead
and the strength that they will need just to reach the end.
And there in the silence they search for
the balance between this fear that they feel
and a love that has graced their lives.

"Cold Tea Blues"

If I pour your cup, that is friendship.
If I add your milk, that is manners.
If I stop there, claiming ignorance of taste,
that is tea.

But if I measure the sugar to satisfy your expectant tongue
	then that is love, 
				sitting untouched 
							and growing cold.