David Meyer

(Давид Маєр) // (דוד מאיר)
David Meyer's Birthday: March 10, 2005.

Updated - March 28, 2008
Next Tentative Update: June 15, 2008

           David is now three years, two weeks and five days!

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        Here are the latest picures of David since the last update:
David expresses terror during his first visit to the dentist!

(01/12/2008) - Location
Dr. Kasselian proceeds to show David how to brush his teeth.

(01/12/2008) - Location
David tries out bowling. His form may not be the best, but he holds his own!

(01/26/2008) - Location
Is computer hacking in David's future? Perhaps... but for now he needs to find the hidden letters in the restaurant.

(01/21/2008) - Location
Nothing is better than a mid-winter carousel ride... unless it's indoors!

(01/27/2008) - Location
Hey! This is easy!

(02/02/2008) - Location
Okay... no more watching The Six Million Dollar Man for you!

(02/03/2008) - Location
Uhmm... David? Have you seen the cat recently? David??

(02/09/2008) - Location
David won't let a little thing like a gate stop him!

(02/18/2008) - Location
Daddy is how old??

(02/19/2008) - Location
David drops subtle hints that he's outgrown his crib.

(02/21/2008) - Location
And just how am I supposed to be having fun in this?

(02/22/2008) - Location
David appreciates the fact that the Japanese consider it polite to slurp their miso soup.

(02/23/2008) - Location
After watching a documentary on modern art, David dubs himself an artist and gets to work.

(03/11/2008) - Location
My foot's cold!

(03/11/2008) - Location
David finds it amusing that the roles have reversed.

(xx/xx/2008) - Location
David is temporarily stunned when he first sees his new loft bed.

(03/15/2008) - Location
Damn, Julia! You gotta lay off those snacks!

(03/21/2008) - Location
Err... now what am I supposed to do?

(03/21/2008) - Location
David quickly volunteers to show Julia how flexible the spring is.

(03/21/2008) - Location
If you think this is impressive, you should see him dunk!

(03/21/2008) - Location
When we asked David where he put his water bottle, he drew us a "mAp"... Looks like he's developing his Daddy's sarcasm.

(03/27/2008) - Location

David was born on March 10th, 2005 at 9:58 PM in Holy Name Hospital
(Teaneck, NJ) at 6lb 12.8oz (3.084 kg) and was 21" (53.34cm) tall!

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