Julia Anna Meyer

(Юля Аня Маєр) // (ג'וליה אנה מאיר)
Julia's Birthday: Aug 4, 2006
Updated - March 28, 2008
Next Tentative Update: June 15, 2008

          Julia is now one year, seven months, three weeks and four days old! (View Chart)

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          Here are some pictures of Julia since the last update:

Julia doesn't have time for the dentist's brushing tutorial as she takes the brush away and shows him how it's done.

(01/12/2008) - location
No thanks. I don't need a fork.

(01/12/2008) - location
Bath time is more fun when it's with her big brother.

(01/13/2008) - location
It's never too early to get them to help around the house!

(01/15/2008) - location
After watching a few episodes of Tom & Jerry, Julia knows how to get back at her brother for all his pushing. Funny thing is that it looked a lot easier in the show...

(01/20/2008) - location
Phew! We thought it might have been a Poltergeist!

(01/28/2008) - location
Julia lifts up the sofa table to vacuum beneath.

(01/30/2008) - location
Julia ignores David's posessive glare as she helps herself to some popcorn.

(02/09/2008) - location
Julia watches as David plays connect the dots.

(02/14/2008) - location

(02/22/2008) - location
Julia gives up on using the chopsticks and goes with what she knows best.

(02/23/2008) - location
Julia shows us that you can fight fires and be fashionable, too!

(03/06/2008) - location
In search of cocktail sauce.

(03/08/2008) - Home
Hey, you're the one who said you wanted me to be well read!

(03/11/2008) - location
Yeah, I like pizza. What of it?

(03/16/2008) - location
Julia gets to play on David's new bed while he's at day care.

(03/18/2008) - location

Julia was born on August 4th, 2006 at 8:49 AM in Holy Name Hospital
(Teaneck, NJ) at 7lb 6½oz (3.365 kg) and was 19¾" (50.165cm) tall!

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