Age of Arguments

A game published by Warfrog, UK
These comments copyright 1998 by Steffan O'Sullivan
This page last updated December 2, 1998

Not yet a review ... right now, I just want to tell you about an extremely important bit of official errata, without which the game doesn't work well at all, at all:

The German rules are fine, but the English rules omit the following step in Starting the Game:

  • After choosing countries, deal each player four cards.

So later in play, when a player claims a pile of four cards, he adds them to his existing hand of four cards, and then chooses four of the eight to play in combat.

I have been informed that this error has been corrected on all copies distributed in the USA by Winsome Games. I've included the errata just in case you, like me, have an early UK edition ...

Full review coming after I play it some more ... in brief, it has some mechanics in common with both El Grande and For Sale, and some of its own. It looks to be fairly short (I'd guess 30-45 minutes, estimate will be adjusted after I play it more), requires some skill but has a fair bit of luck, plays only with exactly four players, and the setting is international struggle circa 1700 AD, though I don't think the flavor is all that strong. More later.

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