Major Changes between 1st and 2nd Edition Bobby Lee RULES

These remarks by Steffan O'Sullivan, 11/95

I recently ordered the 2nd Edition Bobby Lee rules - just the rules, I already have the board and pieces from the first edition, so haven't seen if they changed those at all.

The changes to the rules are extensive and major. I won't list every change, because there are too many: lots of clarifications, rewordings, and renumberings. But I will go over the major changes. The game has been heavily influenced by Dixie, BTW - lots of combat changes.

First, the format: the rules are now in the EastFront format: 8.5" x 11" rules with sidebars of design and historical interest, and much nicer graphics. There is also a collection of necessary charts all together on the back page of the rules, which is very nice. (The index is moved inside.)

Some of the charts on the board have been superseded by the new rules, which tells you that right up front.

The major changes (Section numbers refer to 1st edition rules, which may or may not have the same numbering in the 2nd Edition):

Section 1: The Mapboard. The Terrain Effects chart has been changed somewhat. Mud now affects Forage limits, so that is reflected in the chart. Marsh has been changed to match Minor River effects rather than Gap effects. Forest no longer gives the defender +1 firepower: it now gives double defense. The incorrect line in 1.4, Railroads, about moving on two gauges in the same turn has been removed.

Section 2: The Units. Garrisons and Heavy Artillery may now move by regular HQ activation - not just Strategic Movement. Artillery now costs 2 RP to build a step. The old SF, DF, and TF has been replaced with the Dixie nomenclature of F1, F2, F3. Garrisons now have F1 if attacking enemy positions, but F2 if defending their own. Heavy Arty now deploy in the center instead of Reserve, and have F1/F3 (F2/F3 in fortress battles).

Section 3: Game Scenarios. The Weather Table has been corrected to match that on the map. Mud affects Forage limits now - basically one half Dry limits.

Section 5: Movement. Grant's command range bonus begins March, 1864. Forced March modifiers expanded and clarified: -1 in Mud, -1 Arty, -1 if crossing a non-clear hexside, +1 Cav.

Section 6: Battles. Friendly positions are now defined as the last that held it alone, and you don't have to retreat from an advanced position at Night if it's now friendly to you. Night Turn hexside limits are now double daytime limits instead of being ignored. Redeployment is limited to units in the reserve (including Reinforcements), not those in other positions. Regrouping is now more limited - all normal retreating and reinforcing limits apply.

Section 7: Battle Turns. The Morale Check rule is now mandatory. Units now fire before movement, so you can soften up a position with artillery fire, then move your infantry on to it. Pursuit fire all changed - too detailed to give here. Enfilade all changed - closer to Dixie Shiloh now. Routs all changed - firing units get double CV instead of guaranteed step reduction. Artillery can now pursuit fire. Artillery and Garrison can now advance to the enemy position. You can't move directly to/from Center and a flank anymore - gotta go through Reserves to change columns. Flank March now matches Dixie more closely, but still with the Lost Unit rule, somewhat altered. Arty can now fire into an engaged position, but hit their own troops on 1, as in Dixie. No more F1 for unsupported Arty engaged by enemy troops - F3 as if they had Infantry support. Forest battles changed, as mentioned earlier. Counter Battery and Melee added, from Dixie rules. Fortress battles - no more double offense for defenders. Still just a center position and Reserve, though. Attackers cannot initiate Melee in a fortress battle.

Section 9: Railroads. The USA must now occupy every rail hex in the South they wish to travel through in order to use that rail - not just towns. USA rail cost to move from one railhead to another reduced to 1 strategic move.

Section 10: Sea Movement. Sea Retreats changed - no double pursuit fire if engaged - automatic elim (basically not allowed any more). But they did add Sea Evacuations - invasions in reverse. Strategic river crossing into enemy unoccupied territory takes two Strategic moves now. Crossing a river below the Head of Navigation is clarified as strictly a Sea Move, not a river crossing. Head of Navigation of the Potomac changed to Washington.

Section 11: Supply. An HQ can now HQ supply to all units in its command range.

Whew! I think that's all the major changes. I haven't yet tried the game, but I'm eager to! Anybody tried it yet? Are the new rules an improvement?

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