Copyright (C) 1995, Columbia Games Inc.
Date Compiled: November, 1995

  • Q: It says that many of the charts in the new rulebook surplant what's printed on the board. In the new Pursuit Fire section, it says, by implication of the wording, that Artillery can fire at retreating Infantry and Artillery. The chart on the board says they can't fire at all in Pursuit Fire. Which is correct?
  • A: The 2.0 rule is correct.

  • Q: Fortress battles have been clarified some - thank you - but there is still an ambiguity. It says each side has "one position." Since Reserve is listed as a position earlier in the rules, I take it to mean there is no Reserve separate from the rest of the fortress troops - is this true?
  • A: No. The reserve is still as normal.

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