Knightmare Chess, Set Two

Brief comments by Steffan O'Sullivan
This page last updated July 9, 1998

The first edition of Knightmare Chess was one of the best five games of 1996, in my opinion, and the second edition was one of the five best games of 1997. The release of Set Two should be in the top five of 1998.

This set includes 78 new cards plus two blanks. Since the backs are identical to both editions of the first set of Knightmare Chess, you can mix them together to make an even more chaoticly fun game than before. Or you can use this deck as a stand-alone game - you don't need Set One to play with this set.

As with the Second Edition of Set One, the text is very readable, even for my middle-aged eyes. Hooray!

I haven't yet analyzed it as a stand-alone game - it has fewer "get-out-of-trouble" cards than Set One, but that shouldn't be a problem, since it affects both sides equally. It has (I think, but could be wrong) a higher percentage of more powerful cards than Set One. It would be very interesting to play a "Set One vs Set Two" game - I'll try it sometime!

In the meantime, I recommend this expansion set highly - it's sure to please.

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