Knightmare Chess, 2nd Ed.

Brief comments by Steffan O'Sullivan
This page last updated January 28, 1998

I finally picked up Knightmare Chess, 2nd Edition, and wanted to share my thoughts on it with those who only have the first edition. The 2nd Edition box is clearly labelled such, above the title, so you can't miss it.

There are really only two things different about the second edition, but both are an improvement:

  1. Most importantly from my point of view (literally), is the appearance of the cards: the font has been significantly enlarged, and printed black lettering on a light background, for vastly improved readability. My middle-aged eyes had trouble with the first edition's small font, and I'm most grateful for this change. The pictures have been shrunk only slightly to allow this, and the cards are much more usable, without damaging the aesthetic quality.
  2. Lots of little changes in text, making things clearer, and some big changes in terminology, making things much clearer. You can read about these in this article, compiled by Hunter Johnson.
    Both of these are good changes, very good, and I applaud all the work that went into them. Since I was consulted about many of the changes, I know that a lot of work went into them, and I want people to know that! Oh - I didn't do much of the work, just gave my opinion, which was easy, so I get to compliment Steve Jackson and the SJG staff who did the hard part.

    Although I do appreciate the clarifications, I must admit the improved readability is more important to me. This is because my philosophy concerning Knightmare Chess has always been to discuss differences of opinion briefly, then flip a coin and get on with the game if we couldn't agree on a ruling. It works for me, and I recommend the technique to all, for every game. The important thing is to enjoy the game.

    At any rate, highly recommended, both to those who don't have first edition and to those who already do. Knightmare Chess was one of the best five games of 1996, in my opinion, and the second edition was one of the five best games of 1997.

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