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Date Compiled: February 1994 Updated: September 13, 1997

  • Q. What happens to a Leader in a rout when there are still other surviving troops?
  • A. He escapes if possible.

  • Q. Regarding squares - if I use a 3 ART unit (DF against squares but SF against Cavalry) against a 3 INF unit and a 3 CAV unit, and I roll a 5, 5, 6, do I allot the 6 against the 3 INF reducing it to 2 INF and then apply the two 5's against the 3 CAV, thereby missing?
  • A. No. Separate non-square units from units in square. Each unit may fire on one or the other formation and hits only apply to the highest strength unit in that formation.

  • Q. Under section 6.4 "Multiple battles" it says that the player must complete all three battle phases in one battle before moving on to the next simultaneous battle. Shouldn't this be four phases, as mentioned in 6.3?
  • A. Yes.

  • Q. In 7.6 "Regrouping" it is stated that the victor may regroup by Retreating or Reinforcing.
    1. Does the Disruption apply to reinforcing units as well as to retreating units?
    2. Can the victor both retreat AND reinforce?
    3. Do the normal (10/6) road limits apply to these regrouping moves?
  • A.
    1. No.
    2. No.
    3. Yes ... but not the way you list it. The "normal" road limits are:
      Regular movement: 10/6 (halved on attack across rivers)
      Reinforcements: 2/1 per battle turn
      Retreats: 2/1 per battle turn
      Routs: 10/6 (halved across rivers)
      Regrouping: 2/1

  • Q. 8.3 "Battle Fire" It is nowhere explicitly stated that infantry and cavalry must be engaged to fire, but I assume that this is true?
  • A. Yes.

  • Q. 8.3 "Battle Fire" : Cavalry. Cavalry get triple fire on the first firing turn after they engage. Is this only if the cavalry moves to engage (actively rather than passively engages)? For example, if infantry move and engage a cavalry unit, does the cavalry unit then get DF rather than TF on the infantry unit even in the cavalry unit's first turn?
  • A. No, CAV get TF for one turn if they are passively engaged too!

  • Q. 10.2 "Morale Bonus" Does the leader need to be engaged with the troops to give the morale bonus?
  • A. No.
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