A boardgame for 2-4 players from Fantasy Flight Games
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This page last updated March 3, 2001

This is not yet a review - I need to play it more. So far I enjoy it a lot, but more playing will either confirm this or find some flaws I haven't seen yet. Already I know I prefer 3-4 players over 2 players, for example.

At this point I just want to post a clarification to the Struggle rules, as the rules in the book don't list all possible cases. The following information was provided by Greg Benage of Fantasy Flight Games.

Struggle Clarification

Here are all the possible outcomes of a struggle, and the results for each one. The rear rank is labelled the "Attacker" here, and the rank they are struggling against is the "Defender." The only tricky part of the rule is that the attacker must completely defeat the defender in order to go on, but the defender is not under any such handicap.

     Condition:                     Set Aside: *    May Go On:

     Both attackers survive,         None            Attacker
       both defenders dead.

     Both defenders survive,         None            Defender
       both attackers dead.

     One attacker survives,          All             None
       one defender survives.

     Both attackers survive,         All             None
       one defender survives.

     Both defenders survive,         Attacker        Defender
       one attacker survives.

     All four troops survive.        Attacker        Defender

     * = also set aside any units which do not choose to go on,
         of course.

And a House Rule

If we draw an event that has no effect (one that refers to a Battlefield we've already conquered), we ignore it and keep drawing events until we get one that will have an effect.

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