Star Traders Variant Rules

Board game designed by David Ladyman; published by Steve Jackson Games
These remarks were e-mailed to Steffan O'Sullivan
and are posted with permission of the authors.
This page last updated ages ago - must be 1995 or so.

Mark J. Reed writes:

It's been our experience that the Navigator, Engineer, and Lucky Lou are much more powerful than any of the other four,

(sos agrees)

so we made some minor changes to try and balance things out:

  • Psychic - in addition to lookahead on contracts, may roll the die before deciding which jump line to take
  • Insider - gets an extra +1 on imperial petition rolls
  • Negotiator - instead of an extra two stellors for delivering a cargo, he gets an extra 50% (basically just add the station bonus). Still gets only one extra when receiving the station bonus for someone else's delivery.
  • Hero - double prestige on all contracts, except #1, for which he gets a net triple (instead of quadruple).
We have an additional house rule - in the Basic Game, the Superjump card may not be played by anyone who has their Imperial Contract.

The rules were jointly developed by the Buford Highway Star Traders:
Mark J. Reed, Keith Graham, Chris Jones, Eddie Maise

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