Format Explanation for Expanded Fencing Rules in Fudge

The following rules were intended for a complete campaign setting (Across the Dune Sea), so many of the references noted below will not make any sense (for example, a section telling you to turn to a page that doesn't seem to exist, etc.).

For the inconvenience, I apologize. With the time constraints that I am currently under, it's doubtful that I'll be able to finish this in the manner I had hoped.

Another inconvenience that I should apologize for is the manner in which the rules are presented. They are written for the novice player, who does not understand "standard" Fudge Combat, Wounding, etc. etc. Some of the information below will be redundant to some players and GMs already familiar with "how things work."

I have made some changes with the Damage System, but they are minor, at best. It should be sufficient to just skim much of what is provided.

And now, finally, back to Expanded Fencing Rules for Fudge.