A roleplaying game by John Corradin and Lee McCormick, published in 1980 by Wilmark Dynasty
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Hmm - not much here yet. I'll eventually write some brief comments on the RPG Melanda. Very innovative game!

Until I can do a full write-up, I'll briefly state that the magic system used individual words which you could combine into magical effects - seven years before Ars Magica.

The character creation system allowed you to work out which skills you studied as a youth, and these, in turn, determined your attributes. That is, a youth spent indoors studying magical arts might hone your mind but your physical attributes probably suffered because of it. Contrariwise, a youth spent whacking a dummy with a sword tends to make a body strong. Quite logical, and a major influence on Fudge.

Unfortunately, the game as a whole just didn't click - a great shame, actually, as parts of it were brilliantly innovative.

Hopefully more to come later ...

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