Over the Edge

These remarks Copyright 1999 by Steffan O'Sullivan
This page last updated June 12, 1999
Written in frustration after yet another misinformed e-mail complaint
about my attitude towards OTE ...

Over the Edge (OTE) is an RPG I don't wish to discuss, actually. When it first came out, I wrote a review of it in the now defunct magazine The Gamer. Some sterling semi-literate individual apparently read about half the review, noted the summation grade, and wrote in Alarums & Excursions (Lee Gold's excellent fanzine) that I hated the rules system and had panned it in that article. Apparently they were having a discussion of the game at that time, and my review seemed timely. (BTW, it was not Lee who wrote that, and I don't blame her in any way.)

Thus my name became mud in Alarums & Excursions through no fault of my own. For I did not pan the rules in my review. In fact, I praised the rules system highly, and even, in that very review, requested the author write a generic version of the rules, suitable for other genres! However, due to that Alarums & Excursions article, I still get e-mail from people basically saying, "What do you know about RPGs - you don't even like the OTE rules!"

What I panned was the setting - I'll take full responsibility for that. I admit that I was wrong - I stated in that article that I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to do more than an occasional one-shot game in that setting - that no one would want to play long campaigns there. Apparently there are people who do like to play long campaigns there - so I guess my imagination was too limited on that occasion.

So if you want to bad mouth me for that, that's fine - the setting is taste, and it's not to mine at all, and I said so in the review. If it's to your taste, fine - play there. I'll play Bunnies & Burrows, thanks, or Three Musketeers, or dozens of other genres.

But I did not disparage the rules - I called them "excellent" in that review, in fact. So, please, no more e-mails about how I panned the OTE rules. And some general advice: always check the original source instead of someone (mis)quoting such a source if you have a strong reaction to what's being reported ...

Thank you.

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