Steffan's Want List

This page last updated April 2, 2004

Things I'm willing to buy or trade for, if the price is right. Used items are fine. Paperback books are actually preferred over hardcovers due to storage issues . . .

First books wanted ,then CDs, then Games


Brooks, Walter R.
Freddy the Pig books - at this point, I only have Freddy the Detective and Freddy and the Perilous Adventure, so am wide open!
Brown, Fredric
Mysteries - ask
Furey, Ted
Rocky Road to Dublin, Vol. 1 (sheet music, published in Ireland)
Howard, Robert
Road of Azrael
Marshall, Alan
Whispering in the Wind (First published in 1969, Australian.)
Roth, Harold David
Original Tao (Columbia University Press)
Any good book on Australian Aboriginal myths, legends, stories - ask


Graphic Novels that don't have super-heroes - ask
Luguy et Leturgie (Fauche, et al)
Percevan: The Tomb of Ice
Percevan: The Sword of Ganael - and any except #1 (in English only, please!)

Opera CDs

Suppe, Franz von
Anything except Boccaccio and Die Schöne Galathee (which I already have)


  • Monster Island, board game, Firefly Games
  • Hoaky Heroes - this is an RPG, related to the RPG Dinky Dungeons from the mid-1980s. It's only about 2.5" by 3.5", so easy to miss. I'd also take Berzerko Tower/Doc's Maze (in the same format - it's a fantasy adventure) if you have one, and any other items not mentioned in my article on Dinky Dungeons.
  • Cat Attack, Board game from Boardroom Productions (UK)

    Miniature Figures

    • Bunnies & Burrows figures
    • Groo figures
    Nothing else in particular right now - I'm looking mostly for interesting "family" games rather than wargames. European games rate high.
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