Patti Smith

On the road with Bob Dylan

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Subj:	Dylan/Patti at Electric Factory (show 3, Dec. 17, 1995)
Date:   Mon, 18 Dec 1995 01:02:05 EST
From:   "Anthony J. Rzepela" <rzepela@XXX.XXXXXXXXX.XXX>

And tonight's opener: 'land' (much cheering, joyous shouts of glee...)

Other than that, the set list was identical to Saturday night's, 
so it works out thus: 

                 "Dancing Barefoot"
                 "Wicked Messenger"
                 "Ghost Dance"
                 "Walkin' Blind"
                 "Southern Cross"
                 "Rock and Roll Nigger"
                 "Not Fade Away"

In response to a request for "White Christmas", she began 
a traditional Xmas song segment climaxed with "...with Mother
going to hell for shit to put under the fucking tree".  :) 

Her "NFA" spiel tonight was a very careful and deliberate appreciation 
of the Brancusi exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum.  In particular,
she discussed a wooden piece which she said fulfilled the demand 
placed on the artist to make killing the tree worth it. 

Not a mumbled word in the number, and it was the most appreciated
spiel yet. She included Jean Genet's name in "Rock and Roll Nigger",
and opend her set by telling us that tonight (the 17th) was
Genet's birthday. She also admonished us to say our Christmas 
prayers. (wince)

Patti made a pretty severe sartorial move, too: for her onstage
time with His Bobness, she donned a black velvet dress. For just
that touch of waif, her T-shirt underneath was showing around
her neck. :-) 

An extra "A million faces at my feet..." was added 
to the end of "Dark Eyes", and Bob visually motioned 
for Patti to go for it, which she did. :) 

For Bob's second encore, he dropped the traditional acoustic
number and did "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", with Patti taking a verse
and trying to stay in sync with the arrangement changes Bob has made to
the chorus. For the most part, she kept to an underlying vocal 
mumble/singing under Dylan on the choruses. After her
part was complete, she slowly slinked away, then drifted off closer 
and closer to the stage exit, her own dress becoming
less distinguishable from the stage curtain,  until she 
finally disappeared.

Bye, bye.....

Tony Rzepela <rzepela@XXX.XXXXXXXXX.XXX>
         "My show is spontaneous. You know how I know? Usually I spit
         over there, but tonight I spit right here."   - Madonna, 1990

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