[from , 1974]

Human Dignity Is Where It's At (excerpt)

by Lisa Robinson

photograph of Patti at Reno Sweeney's by Danny Fields

Patti Smith seems honestly determined to expand her range ... The night at Reno Sweeney's proved that what Patti is doing right now is very interesting-and for those of us who have watched her for the past few years-important as well. Although it was said that she was tired, she looked fabulous - dressed simply in a black satin pantsuit and elegant white satin blouse. She moved comfortably through a variety of musical changes; seemed at ease with herself even in a black feather boa and not at all self-conscious about her material. Mixed in with some of her poems were "Speak Low"-and the tribute to Ava Gardner and "One Touch Of Venus" that went with it; Cole Porter's "I Get A Kick Out Of You," dedicated to Frank Sinatra, whom Patti described as the "Picasso of America."

Of unknown origin, this Joseph Stevens photograph, published in Creem in 1978, looks like something that might have been taken on Oscar night....

Copyright © CREEM 1974

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