Patti Smith
CD longbox for Dream of Life

Date posted: Mar 28, 2000

In 1988, the "CD longbox" was the standard packaging for compact discs. As tall as the recently retired 12-inch LP, and half as wide, the physical form was perfect for display in millions of nearly-useless record bins. Like any industry which lumbers along despite itself, the music industry fought hard and long against legislative elimination of the CD longbox - a marketer's dream and an environmentalist's nightmare (as if the manufacture of recorded music could ever be eco-friendly...)

Less than a year later, in 1989, the industry adjusted and new compact discs came out in jewel boxes. So Patti's lone 80s album came out in time to be issued in this short-lived package. None of the information on the long box is missing from the smaller release, although it was nice to have the Robert Mapplethorpe cover portrait without superimposed titles.


There are larger scans of the artwork available by clicking on the images above. The front cover is 208K, the back 153K.

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