Patti Smith
1978 promo LP The Sire Machine Turns You Up

posted March 20, 2000

  A larger version of the album cover (60K), conforming to babelogue standards, is also available.
The Sire machine Turns You Up (SMP-1) was the name of a 1978 promo LP issued by Sire Records in the UK. The title and design were a not-so-subtle reference to a similar kind of record issued (ironically enough) by the Clive Davis-era Columbia Records in their inimitable self-consciously "hip" style.

Among the releases being promoted by the Sire album was their 1977 reissue of Patti Smith's very first single, an independent release which came out in 1974. The LP included the single's A-side, Patti's treatment of the R&B classic Hey Joe.

Since this song eventually ended up being off-limits for licensing purposes, nostalgic CD compilations released in the 1980s and 1990s by Sire, ROIR, and others made use of the B-side (Piss Factory) exclusively. CD bootlegs are popping up here and there now which include not only Hey Joe, but also other rarities which are still more scarce than Hey Joe.

This Sire LP was not the only "legitimate" compilation which managed to include Hey Joe before it disappeared (see also, at the babelogue website, this Italian LP), but it's a neat find nonetheless.


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