The Rights and Reproduction Information Network (RARIN) is a taskforce of the Registrars Committee - a Standing Professional Committee of the American Association of Museums.


At the 1997 AAM Annual Meeting - about 2 dozen members of the Registrars Committee gathered informally to exchange information on current issues revolving around rights and reproduction of museum materials. Among the stated issues facing the group were:

It was determined that this site would attempt to help in these areas and to be a resource for researching copyright, intellectual property rights, and especially rights and reproduction services at museums.

Minutes of recent meetings (2002) (2003) (2004) (2005)


Survey, Samples & Shortcuts (includes 2003/4 RARIN Survey results)

Law & Legislation and commentary NEW info on Orphaned Works

Other Useful Online Websites

Related Listserves

Online Articles

Imaging & Licensing Organizations & Initiatives

Print Resources (bibliography)

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