AAM Annual Meeting

New Orleans, May 8, 2004



o      Co-Chairs Vanessa and Suzanne introduced themselves and gave brief history of RARIN.  They asked attendees to introduce themselves and explain why they are there.


o      Eleven attendees (not including co-chairs) are from institutions such as Alaska Heritage Center, Daughters of the American Revolution Museum, University of Colorado Museum, Minnesota Historical Society, Orange County Museum of Art, J. Paul Getty Museum, Noguchi Museum, and Terra Museum.  They are curators, collections managers, registrars, and rights & reproductions coordinators.  Many have little direct experience with rights, and are interested in learning more.  Some had specific questions, particularly those dealing with digital and web rights.


Rights & Reproductions Fee Survey Update

o      Suzanne and Vanessa circulated a copy of the completed RARIN fee survey done by Ruth Roberts.  Copies are not available to take, but the survey will soon be available online on the RARIN web site (maintained by Suzanne) as a PDF.  The survey is mostly numbers, but does include some comments.  Useful to see how your institutionÕs fee schedule fits amongst others and to check this periodically.


o      Suzanne asked attendees for opinions on whether the completed survey, which is very long, should be parsed further.  Vanessa noted that 111 out of 150 institutions participated in the survey, and most were from the United States though a few are international.  They are investigating whether to contact a research service used by AAM to see if any additional analysis can be done on the data to extract further information.  (For example, to interpret it more clearly along institutional size.)  Would like to do so if not price prohibitive.  Someone suggests that the surveyÕs participating institutions be asked whether the additional analysis should be undertaken.


Rights & Reproductions Handbook

o      There are some general resources available to those with r&r questions:

¤       Ruth Roberts will take questions or inquiries can always be posted to the RCAAM listserv;

¤       There is a museum intellectual property listserv managed in CA called Musip;


o      Handbook idea has its roots in a description of rights & reproductions functions that Vanessa saw over a decade ago.  ItÕs envisioned as a primer for novices.  There are people doing the function who have never been trained on the critical thought processes for handling rights.

o      Attendees brainstormed ideas for possible chapters:

¤       Sample forms (some are available now on RARIN web site)

¤       Comparison of r&r policies/functions

¤       Fees

¤       Terms and definitions

¤       Copyright

¤       Licensing function

¤       Releases

¤       Sample 'cease and desist' letters

¤       Limitations for rights granted (world rights, etc.)

¤       Digital rights

¤       Acquiring rights

¤       Photography policy (galleries, live performances)


o      Someone notes that this could balloon into a huge project if we attempt to cover every conceivable question.  Suzanne asked Tom at the Orange County Museum of Art to create an outline of the issues that should be covered in the handbook.  Leo at the Terra and Carl at the Noguchi are also willing to work with Tom on an outline.  Tom collects business cards from all attendees.  Possible next step is to send outline to attendees for initial feedback?  Then to flesh out by sending outline to respondents to RuthÕs survey?


Future Programs

o      Vanessa issued a call for topics and session participants for next yearÕs AAM in Indianapolis.  Last yearÕs idea (for this yearÕs AAM) was a RARIN session on how to figure out who owns the copyright to a work, i.e. tools for finding a copyright holder. This could be the topic for next year.  a volunteer will need to step forward to organize the session.


o      The survey results, a handbook, and a program session combined would be a good presence at AAM next year.  One good panel rather than a daylong seminar.  There is the challenge of approaching the subject from a variety of levels.


Cherie Chen

Associate Registrar

Rights & Reproductions

The J. Paul Getty Museum

1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1000

Los Angeles, CA  90049