"Personality Rights"

A game by Sumana Harihareswara
Released October 23 2013, for Ectocomp 2013

I wrote "Personality Rights" in three hours, mostly on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, for submission to Ectocomp 2013. It is a 375-word rumination on letting go, with pretty pictures from Wikimedia Commons. I license "Personality Rights" under GPLv3; for additional licensing, please see below.

Download: ZIP file (24.4MB), playable on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Disclaimer: I wrote this as a private citizen and volunteer, and it's completely unrelated to my work at the Wikimedia Foundation. It's meant to be a moody little voyage through an imaginary moment, and not imply anything about the real Wikipedia-editing community. And there is no User:HappySappy99.


I license "Personality Rights" under the GNU Public License, version 3. The source code I wrote is in the executable and on GitHub.

The underlying Ren'Py software platform is mostly MIT-licensed.

The music is "Interesting Places To Die" by Leonard Richardson, licensed CC-BY-SA.

The photos are from users of Wikimedia Commons, specifically:

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