Costa Rica

Larry and I went to Costa Rica from April 6th until April 20th 1998. We had an incredible time. It is a beautiful country and we look forward for the opportunity to get back there. We used Costa Rica Experts as our travel agents. They work with a Costa Rican company called Sun Tours. I highly recommend them. Some of the other tour companies work with large groups. For 2 days Larry and I toured alone, and then we were joined by another couple for 3 days. Drakes Bay Wilderness Camp ran their own tours. If you go there, and Fernando is still working there try to get him as your guide.

While in Costa Rica we spent time hiking through the rain forest, canoeing, white water rafting, horse back riding, soaking in natural springs that are heated by a volcano, snorkeling, scuba diving, bird watching, touring a coffee plantation and even spent time in a snake zoo.

The diving was pretty good. No complaints about the visibility. It was amazing if you compare it to the checkout dives! We saw a lot of white tip sharks sleeping. The best part of the dive trip was on the boat out. We got to see a pod of dolphins swimming along side of the boat. I think I would have enjoyed the dive more if I didn't see that. After watching dolphin play, everything else was a let down.

Our Pictures

Inside the Hotel Grano De Oro
Horse back riding on a farm in La Fortuna
Nothing like a volcano heated pool to oneself
With it's own built in waterfall!
Watching Arenal at night
An eruption during the day
Walking along an old lava trail
The view of the road from the Tropical Science Center near Monteverde Cloud Forest
One of the local residents of Drakes Bay Wilderness Camp
Fernando does not mess around when he goes hiking
White water rafting on class III's

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