Sammy and Elle Video

Links to you tube video of Sam and Elle.

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Cool Band performance
Gold Medal match at Dynamo Summer Classic First 1/2 Second 1/2
Room G band
They like to Move It, Move It
Grand Old Flag at the School State Fair
Sammy and Elle sing Tomorrow
Sammy and Elle fencing
Really nice Parry and Riposte Elle dancing to Let It Go
Elle's a good climber
Martin Luther King Jr Assembly We Shall Overcome and This Little Light of Mine
The Jungle of Nook
Dancing Elle and Anna
Singing at the State house Video 1,Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6, The last video
Learning to swim
Elle reading in the dark in bed
Elle telling us about Galassia
Talking with Elle is often amusing
I love watching Elle run like a little alien
Elle is learning water safety
Sammy the Fencer
Sammy's Ice Bucket Challenge
Camp play - Shrek
Talking to Elle is very amusing
Sammy is finally a bike rider
Black Box Theatre scene 1, Black Box Theatre scene 2, Black Box Theatre scene 3 Black Box Theatre scene 4 Black Box Theatre scene 5 & 6
Elle is Batman
Little Stomper warm up , Drumstick stomping,Stomping performance, Freeze dance like game
Sammy's Rube Goldberg machine
The Alphabet Song by Elle
3-2-1 Here I am
Swinging Elle
Elle signing Let it Go
Sammy on an inflatable slide at the London Zoo
Musical Theatre Review Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Elle Parade
Funny shower
Family Journeys scene 1 Scene 2 in Hebrew Ocho Kandelikas
Unicorn feet
Bob Dylan Sing
Sea anemone
What does the fox say?
Burping fun
More fun with marshmallows
Snow day entertainment
I love you
Elle watching Sammy video
Cheerio cleanup
A quiet family dinner
Sliding Elle
Counting Elle
Sammy's magic show trick
Charlotte's Web Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Tickle and Groove
Sammy's Hanukah performance song Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Lots of animal noises
Ring around the rosie
A ghost!
Hebrew homework
What does the fox say?
The cow says...
2 girls wiggie wiggie wiggie
Thank you
Giraffe Elle
Wiggle wiggle wiggie
Show me the Belly
Up Down
Sister fun on a Saturday morning
Sammy's new drum set
A polite topiko eater
Elle the elephant
A good sister shares ice cream
Elle's first Kick and Play class
Naked baby leads the parade
Daddy knows how to make Elle giggle
Sammy on the Polar Coaster
Elle says please for more ice cream
Elle - an improved slider
Slip and slide fun
Elle on a bike
Sammy and Elle dancing
Sam and Elle performing Shana Tova
Sam singing Shana Tova
Someone likes ice cream
Elle the Elephant
Howl at the moon
Slowest Slider Ever
Animal Sounds
Bandit School, the dance number
Bandit School, the play
Art's Night song
Sam and Elle being silly
Elle is in the barn
The Velveten Rabbit dance number
The Velveteen Rabbit
Camp Kaleiodoscope Arts Night - Ma Tovu
Elle Contra dancing too
Sam Contra dancing at Solarfest
Hashem sheli Simcha
Noah's Ark Play
Rise and Shine
Animal IDs? Still working on it
Bye Bye Beanie Boos
Taking the hippo for a walk
Reading, by Elle
Future furniture mover
Elle the bus driver
Zerberts & giggles
Walking with Daddy
Elle signs for more frozen yogurt
Bubbles at the Beach
Elle makes the bunny hop
The 4 questions with Harrison
Practicing the Four Questions
Clue - the full performance
Clue - the opening dance number
Tub time fun with Elle
More skating
Skating with Fiona
Happy Sisters
Elle wrestling with some friends
Elle gives kisses
Veggie Circus Performance
Climbing stairs at the playplace
Elle practicing for when she is a cape wearing super hero
Elle and her Fuzzy Brother
Fun at the water part of Mackle Park Playing in the snow after the blizzard
More beets - Elle asks for me
Dancing Elle
Sam doing some hebrew reading homework
Elle doing a little dancing
Sammy playing with Elle
Sammy sledding alone
Elle and Larry sledding
Sam and Larry sledding
Elle can clap!
Learning about colors in Mandarin
Writing numbers in Chinese
My name is Sammy in Mandarin
Tube crawling
Feed me faster!
Sam likes to make Elle laugh
Elle looking for a snack in the bath?
How to remove an egg yoke with Sammy
Sam and Larry on the Slip & Slide
Welcome back bear. This time he is werestling Elle
Sam attacks Elle with the letter L
Sam seems to enjoy playing with Elle
Rolling baby A happy Elle in the morning
Singing the camp song at the ends of Arts Night
Second session camp play - Hanukkah Latkes
Emmet jumping on Elle's head
Sam on the Zoo swing
Tummy time
Playing on th playmate and swatting at the animals.
Sam's camp play - The Village of Chelm
Elle laughing again
Laughing Elle
Sam taught herself the seal crawl. It's kind of like the butterfly stroke
Sam does a dive
Hanging out with Elle
Under the Sea
Can't you feel the Love Tonight
A Spoonful of Sugar
Singing God Bless America at Cabot Village
Shavuot Play
Yesh lanu eretz
Aleph Bet
A few of my favorite things - Ballet dance
Baby face - Tape dance
This land is your land
The Passover Seder
More Ice Skating
Filet O Fish Dance
Swimming in Marco over February break
Sammy as Chazzanit - Ya Say Shalom
Sammy as Chazzanit - Adon Olam Sammy as Chazzanit - Hallelujah Kindergarten Shabbat Celebration - Singing
Kindergarten Shabbat Celebration - Dancing
Ice Skating Lesson
I Got Rythym Performance
Sheep in a Jeep - the Play
Sheep in a Jeep - the dance routine
Sammy the Rock Climber
Sarah Sarah song
The Little Swimmer
Sammy Peacock dancing in Marco Island
More Sammy Peacock dancing
Samantha and Sophia singing Doe a Deer
Sammy's dance performance
End of the year Israeli dancing
Rock star Sammy
Reading in Calamino
Israeli dancing
Begining of the school year Israeli dancing
Making a craft at 3rd birthday
The party moved into the playroom
Birthday bouncing
Goat and Sammy play piano
Dancing with the boys
Sitting in the cat treet
Swine flu side effect
Daddy where are you?
Potty Prize selection
Turning into a Kitty Cat
Enjoying time at Owen's Farm
Dasset checking out the tub
Dancing Sammy with her leapfrog table
Listening to baby bach
Bedtime reading
Sam and Alena screetching
Ballerina with a tail
Swimming at Tigertail
Dancing at the Farmer's Market with Alena
Proper thumb sucking technique
Snow Day
Poof! You are a bunny
10 little ladybugs
A spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down!
Hard to tell this is a sick kid
Sam and Alena turn into ghosts
Attack of the killer elephants
Animal Scramble
Cat trainer
The great crib escape
Sammy reading to Daddy
Scratching baby's back
Horse and moose riding with Alena
Alena's very tired
More fun in the ball pit
Poor Dasset
The mommy & daddy song
More ball pit fun
The Ball Pit!
Playing chase with Alena
Spinning and saying many of the letters in the alphabet
Playing on the beach
Sam and Alena playing in Martha's Vineyard
Bathtime roundup
Sam and Jessica
Clifford the big red dog
Going for Daddy's wallet
A tunnel of Fun
Tickle me Elmo
Good night Aardvark
Feeding baby bird
Sammy's new tricycle
Future programmer?
Twinkle Twinkle
Silly Sammy
Sing, Sing a song
Playing catch with a washcloth at bathtime
Closet door fun
Who made the mess?
Dancing with Elmo
Go Red Sox!
Pop Pop get stuck in the tunnel
Bye Bye Fox
Bye Bye
Aardvark's stuff in bed
Counting with Sam
Playing in the surf
Playing with her chair
Big feet
Rooting for the Pats in the superbowl
Rice pudding teaches manners!
Zebra riding, ring shoes and says her name for the first time
Video of Sam watching video of Sam

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