Pictures of aftermarket brakes for racing frames

Bennink 1 (Mogema)

This brakes fits many Mogema (Bennink) frames with two-piece axle system. For more information check the owner's manual.

Bennink 2 (Mogema)

This brake has the same geometry as the Bennink 1 (Mogema) brake. It only fits Mogema (Bennink) Diamond frames with Boen-style one-piece axle systems. The left brake pad is genuine Bennink. The right brake pad is Rollerblade model 760L.

Bennink 3

This brake uses the same brake pad as the Bennink 1 (Mogema) and the Bennink 2 (Mogema) brakes. The axle system is identical to that of the Bennink 2 (Mogema) brake.


Powerslide 1 (Ultimate)

Powerslide 2 (Ultimate) "Road Hog"

(no image)

Except for the print this brake is identical to the Powerslide 3 brake.

Powerslide 3 "Road Hog"

Powerslide 4 "Road Hog"

This brake features stronger sidewalls than the Powerslide 3 brake. The difference is clearly visible in the pictures of the two brakes. Otherwise the geometry remains unchanged.

Salomon 1

(no image)

Salomon 2

This brake is identical to the Salomon 1 brake except for newly added vertical reinforcements in the front area of the brake housing. The picture clearly shows the reinforcements.

Uwe Brockmann,,