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This is a personal Web site, an ever-growing collection of material on some of the things I'm interested in. It exists because I enjoy doing it, not because anyone is paying me or in order to save the world. (If I thought I could save the world with a Web page, I would. In the meantime, there's treasure everywhere: here's some of mine.)

Science fiction fandom

I've been involved in science fiction fandom half my life. It's a good place to meet people who like to talk about any number of things, and has provided me with both an incentive to write and people who are interested in reading the results. [updated 26 June 1999]


Quipu is an irregularly published science fiction fanzine, containing my writing and occasional pieces by friends (some of whom I know only online or on paper). Quipu 11 was published in March 2000; six previous issues are also online. [updated 3 May 2000]

rec.arts.sf.fandom FAQ

I'm the keeper of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the newsgroup rec.arts.sf.fandom. Like the newsgroup, the FAQ is discursive and tries to be amusing. [updated 13 October 2001]

Inwood Hill Park

I maintain an unofficial page for Inwood Hill Park, a little-known and delightful corner of New York City. [updated 18 June 2000; overdue for massive revision]

Yet Another Web Log

*Since 30 March 1999* I'm publishing Yet Another Web Log to share some of what I've gleaned, in the hopes of informing and amusing. [usually updated several times a week]

Other Writing

Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong with a friend in the Spring of 1997, three months before the handover. A written trip report is part of Quipu, and I've scanned a few of my photos.


The Century of the Iguana. [added 21 January 2000]


So far, I've posted three and a half rants, about criminally stupid politicians, religion, sheep, and writing and reading online. (The last isn't quite a rant--I calmed down by the time I got to my keyboard.)

This Privacy Notice isn't a rant, but may lead to one. Please read it, especially if you're a marketer or an address-harvesting bot.

Book Reviews

Books are an early love, and an enduring one. Rather than attempt critical reviews, this page points at some books I've enjoyed and feel like sharing. In addition to the current Book Pick of the Fortnight, all previous book picks share a page. [updated 28 August 1999]


Living in New York gives me the opportunity to see a fair amount of live theatre, and sometimes I'm in a mood to write about it. The most recent theatre review was added 3 April 2000.


I now have four tattoos, and am happy with all of them (and may well get more at some point). The first was an American cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) thumbnail picture 
of a cardinal tattoo; I wrote about the experience of getting tattooed. I've since added an armband with two intertwined spirals, some violets on my right leg, and a coelacanth. (For more information on the species, see The Fish Out of Time.)


An anti-phonetic alphabet. [Added 9 July 2000]


When I'm not sitting in front of the computer, I like to walk, both in the countryside and on city streets. I do most of my walking in New York City. I try to walk anywhere else I happen to be, which has included ravines in Toronto (a delight, with streams running down the middle of the ravine in the middle of wonderful green woods) and crossing the Ohio River on the sidewalk of a busy bridge, when I was at loose ends on a January evening in Louisville, Kentucky.

Other Links

Classify as I may, some interesting links don't fit into any of my boxes.

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