Before there was a Web, or even an Internet, there were other geographically dispersed communities. Mine is science fiction fandom. Fandom is somewhere between a hobby group and a subculture; most of the people in it share an interest in science fiction in some form, but it's only half a joke to describe fandom as a group of people who used to read science fiction. Like any social group, we sit around and talk to our friends. Unlike some, we also publish zines, hold conventions where we can spend all weekend talking to each other and even hearing about various topics related to science fiction, write songs, and dress up in costumes even if it isn't Halloween.

I was official editor of A Women's Apa for eight years. I've passed that job on to Rosemarie Krist, but I still write for AWA and several other amateur press associations. I publish an occasional personalzine (that means I write everything except the letters to the editor, though I use art by other people), Quipu, and write for other people's fanzines. The most recent issue is Quipu 10; five back issues are also on this Web site.

I am keeper (and main author) of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for rec.arts.sf.fandom, a rather chatty newsgroup.

I get to a few conventions every year. The most recent was Wiscon, in Madison, Wisconsin, on the last weekend in May. Wiscon is the world's only feminist science fiction convention, and a wonderful gathering of intelligent people, full of interesting programming and good conversations. Wiscon has the added advantage of being in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, which means there are places to walk, and a variety of good bookstores and restaurants available. Readercon, in July, is another convention designed to actually talk about science fiction; it doesn't feel quite as much like home as Wiscon, but the programming is good, and the dealer's room is always full of books. I plan to be at Orycon, in Portland, Oregon, November 12-14, 1999. is making a number of interesting old fanzines available on the Web. And there's a nice archive of British fanzines, both old and current.

If you prefer conventions, in addition to the links above, you might want to look at the Worldcon page.

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