I took hundreds of pictures in Hong Kong. This page contains thumbnail images and descriptions of nine of my favorites. Click on the thumbnails for larger, clearer pictures. This miniature photo album isn't by any means a complete representation of Hong Kong: it's things I liked, for a variety of reasons, or that represent my experience of Hong Kong.

Victoria Harbor is still the center of Hong Kong. This picture was taken from the Star Ferry, looking toward Hong Kong Island: the skyscrapers are the Central business district, and Victoria Peak is behind them.

Aberdeen is an old fishing village that has mostly been turned into modern high-rise housing, but some people still live on boats in (what's left of) the harbor there, and dry their catch in the sunlight.

Part of our transit tour of Hong Kong: the view from one of the double-decker trams that run across Hong Kong Island, including two more trams, the overhead wires, and of course the buildings around them. The trams aren't meant for tourism, they're part of the day-to-day transit system used by the people who live and work in Hong Kong, but climbing to the top and looking out is a great way to see a bit of Hong Kong for very little money.

Bamboo scaffolding is a typical Hong Kong sight: seemingly old-fashioned, it works at least as well as the more "modern" metal used in the United States. With more time, I'd have caught a crane at work on one of these buildings, for the perfect modern Hong Kong version of a classic theme of Chinese painting.

There are some gorgeous Buddhist temples in Hong Kong. I suspect it's like visiting a church in Italy: you can go to look at the artwork and nobody will be upset, but you and they both know that this isn't a museum, it's a part of life. At the gate of one we visited, vendors sell incense and other things that a visitor might need. These three Buddhas occupy the center of one of the main buildings; the piles of fruit are traditional offerings.

The jade market in Yaumatei isn't primarily for tourists, but they'll happily sell you anything from trinkets to expensive artwork. Knowing nothing about jade, I settled for trinkets.

Our inexplicable favorite was Tiger Balm Gardens, a wonderland of trees and brightly colored concrete, full of places to climb and explore, and wonderful images of real and mythical animals a blue

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