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25 June 2018

Well, here we go again. I started this thing when "blog" meant something rather different. I'm not sure I have the mental bandwidth for linkspam-style blogging these days, since half the tine I'm staying off twitter for my mental health, and the other half I'm letting it tell me what phone calls to make to which elected officials.

So, here we are in what some people are calling the post-2016 world. I'm still alive, which some days feels like a victory against the forces of darkness. "Paranoia is the delusion that your enemies are organized." --Denis Jarog I do freelance editing and proofreading, including mathematics; the contact for that is And I'm doing political/resistance work to the extent that I can handle, physically and emotionally. One advantage of being this kind of freelancer is that I'm available for the demonstration outside the State House at lunchtime Tuesday..

For the moment, you're getting outdated hand-coded HTML, with ssh and the vi editor. My up-to-date activity is on Twitter as @vicki (yes, I signed up a long time ago) and Dreamwidth at

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