For many years, all of Ohio Bell's downtown Cleveland CO's and ATT operations were in the historic art deco 24 story 750 Huron Road building. This is still known locally as "...the telephone company building."

At some point in the 1960's, to relieve both 750 crowding and duct space issues, Ohio Bell put one/more CO's into the Tower at Erieview hi-rise near the lake. This was their first CO installation in leased space, much less a hi-rise; and merely getting the Solar Turbine up the side, over, and down through the roof was a major undertaking, a now-retired participant told us. (Ohio Bell's decision to use that building, the story goes, might have been influenced by the Erieview developer being on their Board of Directors at the time..)

Huron Road was fed with TD2, doglegged up from along the Ohio Turnpike (I-80) 15 miles to the south. Further, it appears to have been fed with L4/L5 cable from Medina Underground as well as other L & lesser cable.

The upper floors held the microwave equipment and a TV operations center. Access to the TV section was strictly controlled with all visitors logged. During a tour in the 70's, the group was told this was because so many managers and executives would show up uninvited to watch the outgoing feed of sold-out Browns games, then blacked-out locally.




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