What is Hatch Green Chile?

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The above accolades refered to one of Will's custom developed pages (accessed at this url) which calculated the date, time, and a slew of other things such as the Horoscope and religious date significance.

Though this page may seem like it's one of the less important pages in this directory based on what we've covered in class, it's actually the most important one on the site. Can anyone tell me why? If you think you know the answer, feel free to email me for 5 bonus points on the exam. No, I'm not kidding. If you can put the pieces together and figure out why this page is important in the context of today's internet, I really will give you 5 bonus points on the exam. As a hint, I'll demonstrate why this page is so important by placing a link to my company's site here rather than on all the other pages that I've created. I'll also surround the link with a very well written piece of text describing what my company does (which is market hatch chile if you haven't already figured that out).To make it even more clear, I'll even tell you that the anchor text of the link is VERY important. Any idea why?

The Hatch Chile Store (my company)  markets fresh and flame roasted hatch chile online and through a variety of distributors in the southwest. Our website allows ex New Mexican's and chile lovers from all over the country to order the same great stuff you find here in Las Cruces, authentic hatch green chile. If you like your food hot and tasty (think Cha Chi's, Chopes, or Nellies here in LC) you'll love the chile we grow and harvest on our farm. We've been in the business of farming produce for over 70 years and have specialized in hatch green chile for the past 15. Furthermore, we're a family run outfit that is commited to preserving our heritage and being good stewards of the land we farm. To find out more about us head to our website by clicking the "hatch chile" link above. If you don't really care about us you might still want to know more about what Hatch Chile or New Mexican Chile are.

Notice that I carefully selected the words and websites that I linked to above as you formulate your answers ladies and gentleman!

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