New Mexico Chile

This page illustrates targeting the ways in which a spider interprets data about a page. Because we're using this page as a placeholder for the heraldry content that used to reside here, we don't actually need to expose much information about heraldry. This is confusing as the content sending visitors here suggests to the spider that it is about heraldry. In order to compensate for this sort of aggressive change in content topics, we'll disccus the ways in which heraldry applies to our subject matter.

New Mexican chile is represented in a heraldic way by the advertisements that the New Mexico Department of Agriculture has started to promote. The Taste the Tradition and Grown with Tradition slogans are bandied around much in the way in which a knight bore the coat of arms of his family. If you're lost here, its probably because you've stumbled onto an illustration I'm using for a class being taught at New Mexico State University. It also might be because you don't know what New Mexican Green Chile is.You can read about me on the blog I have up at NMSU. I'm a TA in the department of Accounting and Information Systems and am prepping this directory as an example for a class I'm teaching.

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