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Sunday, 10 February 2002

# 11:50 PM

I think I'm going to do more of my reading assignments in cafes from now on. I'm done with all the reading for next week already. The past few weeks I've been stuck doing it the night before the class, or even the morning of. Now I just have to write up my presentation for Thursday, which should be easy.

I was hoping to have some more progress on the User Interfaces project, but although I've had a bunch of ideas none of them have made it out of my brain and onto a hard disk yet. Maybe tomorrow.

When I make pasta, a disturbing amount of the cheese winds up stuck to various plates, bowls, pots, etc. rather than being eaten. A pity.

Oops, I left out the href on one of the hyperlinks in the last entry.

# 9:15 AM


Friday was unmemorable. Work, mostly. I found a bug in half an hour after someone else had been stuck on it for three days. I hope this maintains my reputation as a miracle worker in the face of the bug that I've been stuck on for three weeks now.

Saturday, went to the Alternative Press Expo at Fort Mason in San Francisco, with Shweta and Nathaniel and Patrick Farley. That was fun. One barn full of genuine artists, as opposed to the ComicCon experience of a couple football fields worth of The Man with a few genuine artists scattered around the edges. Here's some nifty things found in the barn: Peko Peko, Last Kiss, Shades of Green, K.O. Comix, XXXlivenudegirls. (This last is not what you might think! It's self-described as "a scrapbook of bad choices." Extremely sharp broken glass edges, proceed with caution.)

Patrick was on a panel called "Online Comics: Telling stories on the web" with Tristan Farnon, Scott McCloud, Justine Shaw, and Derek Kirk. The panel itself was nothing to write home about, but go check out all the above hyperlinks.

APE goes on today, but I have too much work to go again.


Yeah, I dreamed that I saw Dali
With a supermarket trolley
He was trying to throw his arms around a girl
He took an open top beetle
Through the eye of a needle
He was tryin' to throw his arms around the world
-- U2 "Tryin' to Throw your Arms around the World" Achtung Baby

Well, I dreamed that I was sitting in a bar, listening to Bono explain in great detail how neither he nor any of the other members of the band could stand any of the tunes on Achtung Baby anymore, and this was why they never played them in concert. Waking up, I wonder if that's true. Unfortunately I cannot remember if they really didn't play anything off AB when I saw them back in October, and the official band webpage, which should have set lists, is a shining example of category 3 bad web design so I can't find them. (Why are rock bands' web sites so often like that?)