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Wednesday, 23 January 2002

# 10:45 PM

Earlier today I was walking down a street, sun on my right side, big plate glass window on my left. Looking down, I saw I had two shadows: one going to my left, as you'd expect, but another going to my right. This made no sense for a moment, then I happened to see my reflection in the window had two shadows too. And it dawned on me: the shadow to my right was the shadow of my reflection, projected back out into the space I was in. It was a sensawunda moment.

I read a neat review of an exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art about the history of aluminum. I have nothing to add to what they say about aluminum, but I would like to point out the place about two-thirds down the page where the author tried to write "Otto Wagner (1841-1918)" and the message board program turned "8)" into a gif of a smiley face wearing sunglasses.

Oh neat, when you copy and paste a chunk of text out of Mozilla with an image embedded in it, Mozilla inserts the image's alt text in its place.