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The life and times of Zack Weinberg.

Sunday, 14 July 2002

# 5:05 PM

Another dream. I was at a party. There were these two people going around trying to kill the other party-goers because, they insisted, they were servants of the Handmaiden of Death. I said something like "Why settle for the handmaiden?" and began a ritual to summon Death. Everyone was trying to stop me, but it worked anyway. Death showed up in the form of one of those Hopi kachina figures, grabbed the two people, and took them away to learn how to be his servants. Then I woke up.

The most interesting part of the dream was the bit where I was doing the ritual. It was a song and dance ritual, and when I woke up I could remember all of the words of the song. They were nonsense, but they were all there. (They've faded now.)