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Friday, 19 July 2002

# 2:20 PM

More reviews of the TMBG concert: Leonard, Seth (scroll down), Benjy (Tuesday and Wednesday), Adam (metareview). I have to applaud Benjy's dedication in going both days and writing down the complete set list both times.

Leonard and Seth both pointed out the excessive volume of the concert. It was loud enough that I worry a little about (gradual, cumulative) damage to the audience members' hearing. Also, even if you don't care about going deaf, some of the songs were totally incomprehensible because of massive distortion. Jamie Zawinski, with his nightclub-owner hat on, has some comments on show volume (down at the bottom: look for the bit that starts "Oh, and we're also giving away free earplugs at coat-check now...").

Leonard: Yes, Nethack does give you okonomiyaki instead of pancakes when you play a samurai; as I understand it, it is the closest that traditional Japanese cuisine comes to pancakes. It is difficult to find web pages on the history of this dish, because of the flood of Ranma ½ fan pages that come up. It seems one of the more popular characters on that show, Ukyō, owns a okonomiyaki restaurant. The best I can offer on the history front is the paragraph near the bottom of the Otafuku Foods corporate webpage.