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Sunday, 6 April 2003

# 6:05 PM

I went to see Guster at the Warfield last night. My friend Adam is a huge fan of this group. I like the music, and the performance was excellent ... yet the show didn't grab me at all. Part of it was that all their music is sad, and I was already in a down sort of mood, so it just made it worse. (They don't play the blues; that sort of music usually cheers me up when I'm down.) Another part of it was that I couldn't find anywhere in the club where I could see the band, didn't have to stand on my cramping left leg, and the club security would leave me alone. I got asked to move about five times.

The Guster album that has songs you may have heard is called Lost and Gone Forever. Parachute is also very good. Despite the above, I heartily recommend the music.

The other thing to be grumpy about today is that the kitchen sink is leaking again. The last major repair was more than a year ago, but it was clear almost at once that this would not last. It is presently not possible to turn off the hot water tap. And there is no chance of getting the landlord to do anything about this before tomorrow. Oh well, I don't pay the bill for the water or the heating thereof.


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