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Subject: Warning: Virus purportedly from Panix staff
Date: Wed, Mar 03 2004 -- 10:20 AM
Posted by: Mara's Staff Account

Many Panix users are receiving mail purporting to come from Panix that is
not only forged but contains a variant of the W32.Beagle.K@mm worm. The
messages suggest that you "follow instructions" to fix any of a number of
supposed problems, including disabling of accounts and detection of a
virus on your machine.

Be very suspicious of any such mail. Do not follow instructions, and don't
open the attachments.

Panix staff almost never send binary attachments at all, and never without
first discussing it with the recipient so that it doesn't show up as a
mystery file.

More information, including removal instructions, is available at

(That information presupposes Norton anti-virus software to scan possibly
corrupt files.)