Panix sDSL Hardware

Panix supports MegaPath approved SDSL hardware for use or purchase. We generally do not support hardware that we do not provide.
The hardware MegaPath recommends changes periodically. For a list of currently supported coptions and prices, please send email to, or call us at 212-741-4400. You can expect the hardware to support NAT.
You can either provide your own hardware or let Panix provide it for you. If Panix provides your hardware, we will configure it for you.
If you change your hardware's configuration without first contacting Panix, and then require Panix's help to reconfigure it, your account will be subject to a $50 charge.
About NAT:
NAT is an acronym for "Network Address Translation". This software technology allows you to use lots of IP addresses on your network. You can even use addresses that are not "routable"- that is to say, addresses that the rest of the Internet can not know how to reach. It is common practice, when using NAT, to use addresses of the form 10.x.y.z (the "10" net). There are 16 million such addresses, so you're not likely to find yourself running out of room.
If you're using unroutable IP addresses, this of course makes your network quite secure, but then how can people reach you (or more specifically, your web and mail servers, and whatever else you want them to be able to reach)?
NAT solves this problem. It takes a routable IP address and modifies all the traffic coming to and from that IP so that outsiders see all your traffic as coming from and returning to that single routable address.
NAT then keeps track of all these modifications; so that all traffic headed for users of your LAN is properly segregated and directed.
Using port forwarding, NAT can also transparently forward a mail or web request to your mail or web server on your LAN.
As an incidental benefit, NAT protects you from many security exposures, since most machines on the inside of your NAT network won't be attackable from the outside at all.

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