Business Express Add-Ons:

Additional IP Addresses:
If you need IP addresses beyond the 16 free ones that come with your Business Express service, Panix can provide them:
Upgrade to 32 IP addresses: $25 per month
Upgrade to 64 IP addresses: $50 per month
Upgrade to 128 IP addresses: $75 per month
Upgrade to 256 IP addresses: $100 per month
Please note that most customers should not need additional IPs, even though they may have many more than 16 machines on their network. NAT configuration (free with every Panix-provided router) eliminates the need for many IP addresses.
Standard Web Service:
Sign up for Business Express DSL and host your Web site at Panix at a discount.
Discounted Web-hosting: $25/month ($250/year prepaid)
If you need mailboxes, we can provide them.
You can buy mailboxes either in blocks of 10, or individually. You can't buy some blocks, and some individual boxes.
Individual mailboxes: $5/month each
Block of 10 Mailboxes: $20/month ($200/year prepaid)
Aliases (pointers to existing mailboxes) in your domain are available at no charge

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