Story by Alex, age 6

Once upon a time,there lived a lovely girl named Alice. Of course she did not have very nice clothes because a long time ago she had a stepmother. So, Alice needed to buy some new clothes that were just right. And she did. They were beautiful. Still she acted nice. She had to do lots of chores still, because she was all alone in her little house.

One day, her child grew up. And by that day her child grew two teeth. Alice and her daughter, Flower, had lots and lots of fun together. They played games, solved puzzles, they had a vegetable garden. Lots and lots of very ripe vegetables grew. Every day there was a new vegetable that was a very red and ripe tomatoes. One day they grew a carrot. On Sunday they grew three broccoli plants. and on Monday the vegetables grew on each one. Alice and Flower played, jumped, and springed. One day when Alice died, her daughter was grown up into another loving person. She married on Tuesday, and she had a baby of her own on Monday. Wednesday Thursday and Friday were days they had to buy new clothes. Flower missed her mother. She really wanted her to come back.

One day she looked out her window wondering where her mother even was,how she was doing, and most of all she wanted to know if she was OK. And so, on the next Monday, she had twins. Now she had three daughters. On Tuesday she had four daughters. The she had three more. She had ten babies now. That was quite a lot. She had pretty hard time taking care of them. But she did have lots of fun on days off from work. She had everybody to play with on their birthdays,and when they lost tooths, they celebrated with parties. Very unbirthday parties were for the days that they loosed teeth. They loosed lots of them every Monday. They loosed two teeth every Monday. Can you imagine that? That is so soon.

Whenever their birthdays parties were their real birthdays had to be, they were always on Sundays. Sundays and spring days where it was a nice time to have a wonderful party, a very wonderful party, a very nice party . You can think of how many children's foods you would have to buy if you had ten children. She had two more, and that was on Tuesday. That made 12. All the rest of the days that she had 18 more were on two Saturdays. She kept having babies until she got up to a hundred children. She bought the biggest house in the whole world she could find so there was enough space.

She was really interrupted when she was trying to do work, but when it came to fun, she always had some playmate. She always had partners and everybody to play with. And "skip to my Lou" was the best song they could do. With so many children, I think "skip to my Lou" would be pretty easy to do, Don't you think so too?

They told lots of good jokes and rhymes, but when it came to eating they had to put the children into separate rooms, First off they were very noisy, second off they had not learned their manners, last off they were too many children to fit at one little table, four chairs at a table. But there was one table in each room, and they had 2 tables outside in the side yard, the other side year, the back yard and the front yard. And there was five chairs at each of those tables and on the sidewalk, there was a bench that could have 10 chairs, but they always made a big mess, they made wonderfully bad messes, because there were so many children But anyways they always had fun together. The daughters were all twins, because they all looked the same, you could not tell who was who. One half of the hundred children was named Marie. The other half of the hundred children was named Emily. Marie and Emily. You could not tell which side was which. They mixed around, but the mother could tell them apart. The Maries had blue shirts and brown overalls and the Emilys had brown shirts and blue overalls the Maries had green headbands and the Emilys had blue headbands. But no one really knew them. They did not know who was who, because they were really not the childs mother.

Whenever the went to the mall, it was so much trouble, I hope they had fun times, but they always had to buy clothes for all the children, No one on the entire earth knew how old each side was.Only the mother.The father could not tell, he did not plan all this. It was a good thing they had 2 grownups.

Then one day they had twice as many hundred kids but one side was the wrong side. The Maries were Emilys and the Emilys were the Maries. It was all confusing. One side was six and the other side was seven, then the other side was six and the other was seven. You could not tell whose toys were whose. That house pretty soon had a billion children, And a hundred tables with a hundred chairs. People sitting everywhere. They got the biggest house in the universe. And now they were all mixed up left right left right the right was the left on one end of the pairs, and the left was the right on the other end. Since they had the biggest house in the whole universe, they had plenty of room.The tables were longer and bigger. But unfortunately they had a house for a billion, then one more little child named Alice again, that reminded Flower of her mother, she now had a billion and one.

The mother could not take care of this many children , so they all went and got new mothers,except for Alice who reminded Flower of her mother.Now when Flower was a grandmother, she realized her mother had truly died.

Flower was very lonesome she never had time to play with anybody but her little daughter named Alice, who reminded her of her mother. But a long time ago her mother had had a stepmother who now was very nice.Flower's friend and only playmate was Alice, through her entire life, Alice meant everything to her. One day when it was Friday again,after that Friday it was Christmas time. Flower quickly placed something unusual under the Christmas tree, said "dear Alice, miss ya hope you come back, Flower." The next morning she got a note it didn't say much here is what it said. "Dear flower, I know you miss me, but I cant come back. I am way up here where the rest of the people who died along time again, can you guess where I am, heaven of course, I really hope that you will understand this one message from me, dear flower really miss ya too, but cant come back see ya later, you will see me one day, I promise, I just promise you that I will see you some other day."

From then on, day after day after day until the next Christmas, she lived.then on that Christmas, she saw a sliver of her mother Alice out the window and when her daughter Alice wanted a new mother flower let her go. Flower wanted the daughters to be as happy as could be. The father moved to California one day,afraid of more children. he went to California and stayed there for his whole entire life. Flower that same day,flower saw Alice again this time it was not like the other Christmas, this time it was Halloween, Alice was there at Halloween time and flower was not upset anymore until she saw Alice further away go,flower cried tears rolled down her cheeks.

She did not like it to see her mother only one last time, and that day for the last time was Valentines day. Alice said goodbye and flower cried and cried and cried. She thoughts she would never see her mother again.she had no one with her she skipped back to her old house where she lived a long time ago. just like others, she missed her mom so much that she had to go to that wall with so many names, she placed a letter put a rock on it and it said. "dear Alice I really miss you. I miss you so much I can never be happy again in my whole life, I will never ever ever be happy without you dear Alice please come back," It was like she had before one day, She did not like that she could not ever see her mother again, she thought. one day down at the park she saw something very unusual, "Alice is that you," she asked Alice disappeared, for a strange reason she thought her mother was gone then she noticed what the trick was. the trick was to think about her mother for her entire life until she could visit her mother again. the end.

© copyright, 1997, Alex Glenn
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