A Perfect Day

'Morning everyone! I'm taking a break from some yardwork so I decided to poke around in the fridge for something to snack on... found a container of chicken salad and made a couple of sandwiches. I love chicken salad sandwiches with chips and iced tea on a day like this. The sun is out, skies are blue, the red bud trees are in bloom and the birds are chirping everywhere... I'm having brunch outside on the porch... perfect.

Carolyn just yelled something...

Ya know it's a good feeling to get outside and work with the plants and stuff... I gotta weed that flower bed today too. Givin' Ol' Lady Nature a helping hand once in a while is cool.

Carolyn's yelling again...

"No baby I haven't seen the catfood... where'd ya leave it?" "What?" "In the fridge... in a container... a new chicken flavored tender vittles thing?" "Oh wonderful..."

What a day this is gonna be... *sigh* ... *burp* eeeewwwww.... cat breath. ;-)

© copyright, 1999, John McCullough
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