Nature's Whispers

Mr. Nature whispered in my ear today. I saw two trees, one embelished with dollar-bill green leaves and another blessed with sunset-violet leaves, contrasting one another. It reminded me of all the friendships I have had with people who are totally different than me and how well we have gotten along.

I saw leaves on the ground that hadn't been tainted by the footsteps of thousands of students rushing to class. It reminded me of those days I stayed at home alone to be "untainted" by the outside world . It was the first time in months my shadow hadn't been walked on by others on campus. It has been a few months since someone "stepped on" my feelings.

I saw a squirrel trying going after a nut on a day where there's nobody he/she has to avoid. This during a time in my life where I have no one to fear, no one to avoid. I saw a sky . . . filled with pollution. Four out of five ain't bad. © copyright, 1998, David Flores
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