eyes meet
across the room...
sharing startled glances
"public" faces
then secret smiles...
a shared joy of life
communicated in a moments glance
savoring instantaneous feelings
that melt in your mouth like cotton candy
(insubstantial, yes)
but none the less delightful

small words,
flirtatiously sparing
in a game where more than one can win
warmth spread in a light touch
weaving a glamour
we both enjoy...
poised on the delicious brink of falling
into a mystery
where there is no one to catch us but ourselves...

whether this be but a moment
or a lifetime
or something in between,
it is still to be cherished
like dandelions in spring
or the laugh of a child
this connection reminds us that
someone else is also
truly alive.

© copyright, 1999, Pauline Williamson
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