A Presidential Failure

Monday night, our President, William Jefferson Clinton, addressed the nation hours after he testified before a special grand jury in Washington. His 5 minute speech affirmed my worst fears.

I must confess at this point, am not a fan nor supporter of President Clinton, I did not vote for him nor do agree with his ideology or politics.

I have long held the belief that our President is a scoundrel, a philanderer and a liar. Monday nights address only served to validate my feelings.

As our President spoke, telling us all of his improper relationship with Monica Lewinsky, and his less than accurate answers to questions in the Paula Jones deposition, strange feelings and thoughts started to come over me. Instead of feeling angry at his dishonesty and his adultery, I started feeling sad. This perplexed me, instead of the righteous indignation that I was entitled to, I felt a deep gut wrenching sorrow.

As a man and a husband, I am saddened for Bill Clinton. When I married my dear wife, I took a vow, I made a sacred promise, much like Bill Clinton did the day he wed Hillary Rodam. In that vow, Bill Clinton and I promised to "love, honor and cherish, forsaking all others". I took that vow seriously, Mr. Clinton didn't. I am so fortunate that the seed that was planted the day I took that vow, has grown and blossomed into a love so deep and so strong that it brings tears to me eyes. I am sad that Bill Clinton has no idea of the incredible joy that is possible by adhering to those few words.

As an American Citizen, I am saddened by Bill Clinton. The President of the United States is the leader not only of our country, but holds a unique position in the world. As the head of our executive branch of government, he Commander and Chief of our Armed Forces. In the role, he commands the most powerful military force in the world. Each officer in our military promises to" defend and uphold the Constitution" and do nothing that brings shame or dishonor to their rank. Even the lowliest private understands the importance duty, honor and responsibility. It saddens me the our President doesn't.

The President is in the unique position to appoint to his Cabinet the Attorney General of the United States. He also has the duty to appoint all Federal Judges to fill vacancies that occur during his time in office. The President is the titular head of our judicial system. William Jefferson Clinton is a lawyer, a JD (Juris Doctor) a sworn officer of the Court. As the head of our judicial system and as an officer of the court, it would seem the Bill Clinton would understand the oath taken by all who appear before the judge, "to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth". I am so sad the our President didn't take that oath as seriously as a defendant in traffic court.

As a parent, I am saddened. I am sad for Chelsea Clinton, sad that she must bear the shame knowing that her father had an affair with a young woman her own age. And I am sad that the child must pay for the sin of the father.

I am saddened for the people of the United States. I am saddened for the children of our nation, forced to hear the lurid details of the sexual escapades of the man that holds the highest office in the land. But most of all, I am sad for William Jefferson Clinton, for the dishonor he has brought on his own house, his friends and his country.

© copyright, 1998, Greg Postma
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