Hate E-mail

Terry wrote:
I get tickled how much time people waste sending hate email over honest mistakes on listservs.

Barbara wrote:
Wow. A real issue of web sociology! Why people send hate email over mistakes. Anyone want to think of some reasons?

WandaJane wrote:

  • because they can transfer the rage they feel about their stupid pointless life onto some anonymous fool
  • because it is a powerful action, one guaranteed to have an effect that they can fantasize about over dinner

These are the same sort of people who beat their families into submission if they can or dream about it if they can't. These are intolerant, usually terrified, individuals who want to protect the net from the perfidy they find in life

Hate and rage are such powerful emotions, so easy to succumb to, somehow attractive to a large number of our population. I experience the attraction myself, but usually manage to grab the sensation and examine it compassionately before I drown in the sticky aphrodisiac of murder and mayhem. It is the same set of reasons that people cut off other drivers, endangering lives, or participate in wholesale slaughter of peoples (genocide, such as we have seen far too often in our most recent history.)

Anonymity protects our egos from the evil we do.

© copyright, 1998, WandaJane Phillips
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